I cheered for the Cincinnati Bengals for 4 years, WHO DEY! During that time I was chosen as a Pro Bowl cheerleader and side captain, and made many TV and radio appearances to represent the team. I realized how comfortable I was in front of the camera and how much I enjoyed it. However my big brother was always the one in front of the camera, so I didn’t think that was for me. But God had other plans!

Once my cheer career was over, I joined forces with Heyman Talent agency and began shooting national commercials, modeling, and working as a television host and spokesperson for big companies like Verizon Wireless, GE Money, and Korbel Champagne. I was the host of the MMA Big Show, as well as Around Town on Time Warner, and Geared Up for Verizon Wireless. As a television spokesperson for Macy’s, I regularly appeared on the morning news for more than 4 years, showcasing products in fashion, home, and electronic categories. And for the past two years, I have been able to not just buy too much on QVC, but actually be a guest host covering some great lifestyle brands! 

All along the way, I have had a huge passion for all things fashion, beauty, and home! My time with Macy’s, QVC, meeting influential mentors like Tim Gunn, and my obsession with shopping geared me up to enter the world of blogging. It is so great to share my favorite picks for others to hopefully enjoy on my site, and there are plans to expand The Style Eye to bring more special finds to you. Now when I shop too much I can tell my husband; “It’s for the sake of the blog!” I don’t think he buys it.

In 2020 I married the love of my life. Yes I said 2020, the year of COVID. Needless to say, our first wedding had to be cancelled so we had two others; one with just the two of us and one with some family and friends. We celebrate both!

Jesus is at the forefront of our lives. We find when we put Him first, all else falls into place. I see the hand God has had on my life and I am amazed and humbled. I remember pretending like I was a TV host when I was a little kid making my peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my fake viewing audience to see. It’s amazing how He puts dreams on your heart as a young one, and even more amazing how He walks it out in your life.

I look forward to what’s next, with Jesus in my heart and Zak by my side!